Bad News (Dortmunder, #10)

4622 stars
Donald E. Westlake

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Title Bad News (Dortmunder, #10)
Rating 4622 stars
Author Donald E. Westlake
Pages 342
Isbn 089296717X
Review An excellent Dortmunder in which Westlake succumbs to his weakness for low-hanging fruit only when he has to name law firms. (Kleinberg, Rhineberg, Steinberg, Weinberg & Klatsch, anyone?) This time out, Dortmunder helps to create a false heir to 1/3 of an Indian casino, and much of the fun is the route by which he ends up participating in this job that is far from his usual line of (illegal) work. While Bad News lacks the (surprising) gravitas of some of the preceding novels in the series, by this point the members of Dortmunder's crew (Stan, Tiny, Murch, Murch's mom) have (surprisingly?) passed the threshold of LOVABLE, and time spent with them is time delightfully spent.


I should probably pay more attention to my older brother's book recommendations,although I must add that my younger brother rarely pays attention to mine. After decades of nagging by the former sibling I finally broke down this year and started reading both Donald Westlake's Dortmunder boooks and the Parker series he wrote under the name of Richard Stark. Bad News, the 10th of the Dortmunder capers is where I began and I'll be reading the rest of them as soon as humanely possible. Lots of writers have written about criminals but few--Elmore Leonard is another--have realized that they are human beings who spend at least 90% of their time doing other stuff. Westlake is a master of the usual fiction fundamentals of plot, characterization and pace here but where he truly excels is dialog; indeed, I can't understand why more of his books haven't been made into movies. (Some have, but few are worth viewing.) As is often the case in both his Parker and Dortunder capers, things don't turn out as planned here but the pleasure here is more in the journey than the destination. Typically, there's a scene along the way which contributes nothing to the plot--a bunch of drunks in a bar are arguing about the names of Santa's reindeers--which is as good as comic dialog gets in the hands of a consumate professional like Westlake.

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